Autoclub Amigo – Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In virtue of the regulated by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in the possession of individuals, currently in force in the United Mexican States, the present document is intended to make the knowledge of its users, hereinafter referred to as the "User", the privacy policy and personal data protection of "AUTOCLUB AMIGOS CON PODER DE COMPRA, SA de CV", hereinafter "AutoClub Amigo", with domicile in Paseo de Las Azucenas 3163, Ciudad Bugambilias, Zapopan, Jalisco.

1. General considerations on the handling of personal information

AutoClub Amigo collects the personal data with the primary purpose of making it easier to use our services and exclusively to provide the services offered by the Internet to which the user  has been registered. AutoClub Amigo never transmit personal data to third parties for marketing purposes or for any other purpose, other than those described and specified in the services offered.

  • The User  accepts that all information added by him or who in turn is obtained through their access to our web page, will be likely to be compiled and secured in a database, which will be owned by AutoClub Amigo.
  • The User grants to AutoClub Amigo expresses authorization to publish, disseminate and/or transmitting the information that has been inserted into the database in terms of article 36 of the "LFPDPPP".
  • Our web guarantees the confidentiality of data of a personal nature. Nevertheless, disclose to the competent authorities the personal data and any other information that is in its possession or is accessible through their systems, and is required in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the case. The data of a personal nature may be preserved in the archives of ownership of AutoClub Amigo, even after the relationship formalized through the portal, exclusively for the purposes indicated above, and in any case during the legally established period available to administrative or judicial authorities.
  • AutoClub Amigo undertakes and the user accepts that all the information compiled in the database will be stored and protected to prevent its loss, misuse or alteration without it being in any way responsible for the interception, reproduction or theft by third parties of the information contained in the Database.
  • The acceptance of the terms of use and privacy policy, tied to the use of any of the services of AutoClub Amigo, implies the express authorization in favor of AutoClub Amigo for sending commercial information and/or advertising the home, mobile phone and email address of the user. This authorization includes the sending of commercial advertising and advertising related to the activities, products and services of AutoClub Amigo and related portals with this website, as well as of third parties and their portals.
  • If the user wishes to revoke such authorization, you can do so free and easy way directing its request to the electronic address for that purpose indicated on our web pages or by letter to our postal address  
  • AutoClub Amigo will not prompt to the user  any data sensitive of those mentioned in Part VI of article 3 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the possession of individuals "LFPDPPP"
  • In the special cases that AutoClub Amigo requests personal data to the user, the responsibility for the veracity of the data entered is unique to the user, so that in the event of having provided any data false, AutoClub Amigo reserves the right to deny access to the user to your web pages web. 
  • In the forms where you collect data of a personal nature, identify the different fields whose complementarity is required to perform the corresponding record. Thus, unless indicated otherwise, the responses to the questions on personal data are voluntary, without the lack of answer to these questions will not imply a reduction in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless indicated otherwise.
  • The automated treatment to be subjected all data of a personal nature, collected as a result of the request, use, recruitment of any product or service or of any transaction or operation that is performed through this website (including, to these effects, those that are provided by the users for the publication of announcements) has as its main purpose the maintenance of the contractual relationship established with the owner of this web page.
  • The data will also be used for the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the services to which the user decides to subscribe to or use, for example without limitation, and in no case be limited or exclusive:

o   Reception of Newsletters

o   Advertisement on its own or third parties

o   Response to promotions or contests

o   To insert any advertisement

o   The request to be informed about new services

  • In the event that the user provide data from a third party, for example, to inform a known of the publication of a notice, or to recommend our website or an article published in the same, we inform you that the user will be responsible for having obtained the consent of the person and of the information supplied in the same.
  • Each user, as user owner of the personal data, may, in the terms and limitations established by the regulations in force, cancel their data through the following means:
    • E-mail
    • In our contact section

o   Postal Mail

  • The user accepts the use of cookies and consent to the processing of the information in this paragraph specifies. This web site uses third party companies to collect information, including through the use of cookies, such as Google and others, as well as other tools for promotional purposes. In addition, cookies may be used with the purpose to facilitate to the maximum your navigation through the portal, without the same provide references that identify personal data, or data from the hard disk of your computer. The cookies installed are automatically deleted once you have finished your navigation, except those that by strictly technical reasons must be kept installed on your computer. However, the user can configure your browser to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by the web, without this affecting their access to the contents of the same.

2. Definitions

The following terms and expressions used in the present Terms and Conditions on Data Protection shall have the meanings indicated:

  • "Personal Data" will mean all data and/or information about their profession or his person. 
  • "Users of AutoClub Amigo"  are all registered users or visitors in the portal of Autoclub Friend. 
  • "Services of AutoClub Amigo" are all services which, from time to time, be incorporated in the Web portal and offered in a general way to all users. 
  • "Registration Data"  personal data you are obliged to provide AutoClub Amigoin the registration process and affiliation (mandatory fields). 
  • "Profile" refers to the page of the Web Portal of AutoClub Amigo showing the personal data you have entered and that only you will be able to visualize. 
  • "Seller" are all users that offer products and services to other users
  • "Buyer" are all users looking to buy a product or service.

3. Handling of Personal Data

3.1 Registration Data

It is essential to enter certain data that will be used to form the basic profile of users and others that will be used to evaluate the potential of the purchasing power of goods and services:

  • User name and surname
  • Email
  • Password 
  • Phone
  • Brand, sub-brand, model, and year of registered cars 

Your password and/or your user name ever will be visible to any other user of AutoClub Amigo in no time. AutoClub Amigo never discloses or transmit your password and/or your user name to third persons.

3.2 Optional Data

All other data that appear visible and which are not marked as mandatory

3.3 Your Profile, Contact Management

The following Personal Data will be visible to other partners who have been invited directly by you to join AutoClub Amigo:

First Name, Last Name 

4. Visibility of your profile for those who are not users AutoClub Amigo

No other casual surfer may have access to your personal data. In the same way any other user of AutoClub Amigo can display your personal data. The user "Seller" will have the option to keep their registration data not visible or visible to users "buyers" for commercial purposes.

5. Groups

Autoclub  Amigo will promote the formation of certain groups with common or related interests and its members may establish contact through the facilities of the Web Portal. The personal information that these members share between if you do, you will not be responsibility of AutoClub Amigo.

6. Activities and Events

AutoClub Amigo can promote, manage or publish the realization of certain events related to the services it offers to its users. 

7. Invitations

As a user of AutoClub Amigo., you can invite other people to register and join in AutoClub Amigo. Personal data collected during the invitation exclusively serve this purpose.

The following personal data will be exposed for the recipient of the invitation:

  • Name and surname 
  • Email 

8. Newsletters, weekly status emails

AutoClub Amigo sends regularly newsletters or emails to all its users to inform them about new activities and new services that are incorporated. Will also send reminders about certain formalities related with their cars.

9. Log Files

AutoClub Amigo gathers all the information about our users in a collective manner, for example: pages users access or visit more often and what services are more. We only use such information in aggregate form. This information is used to help us improve the content of our Web site. In some cases, for example when you sign the use of a service, enters into a competition, or purchase a product, we can gather more specific information about you such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc. We can use this information to notify you of additional products and services that may be of your interest, or to notify you regarding updates to AutoClub Amigo. We may also ask you for further information, such as information about their interests, likes and dislikes with respect to the site, the type of jobs that you are interested, etc., in an effort to create a better experience for you.

10. Minors

The use of the services of AutoClub Amigo is reserved for persons who have reached the legal age of majority (18 years).

11. Alteration of the present Terms and Conditions on Data Protection

AutoClub Amigo reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection, please note the "Effective Date" to determine if it has been modified since the last time you visited our site.

12. Accessibility of the present Terms and Conditions on Data Protection

You can access these terms and conditions on the protection of data from any of the Websites of AutoClub Amigo.