Hints to consider when buying a car !

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Find a new or used car

Set your budget and decide between new or used car, including financing options.

• If you choose a loan, calculate your maximum monthly amount to pay considering the interest.

• Make your search easy with AutoClub Amigo.

• Get more than one option.

• Consider the cost of car insurance.

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Make an appointment to see the car

• Do not go alone to the place of appointment, go accompanied by a friend or family member.

• If it is a private seller, do not agree to meet in an unknown place, try a public parking lot or at your mechanic facilities.

Know the car during the day, so you can identify details.

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Testing and revision of the car chosen

• Check the rating that has been given to the seller on AutoClub Amigo page in his transaction history.

• Take your time in the car and check its internal functions.

• Once you have checked inside, make a drive test.

• Request bring it to a review with a mechanic you trust or select one from AutoClub Amigo. Do not skimp a little money to check the condition of the vehicle, avoid surprises.

• Do not proceed with the purchase of the car if the seller does not let you drive it and handle it to mechanical revision.

• KMS / Miles - Ensure that the odometer has not been tampered with. You can see it in service documents or your trusted mechanic.

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Negotiate a good price

  • Consider different options like:

o   Year and model

o   General condition

o   Uncorrected defects

o   Hidden defects that the mechanic can observe

• Buying from a dealer can result in a higher price but with better guarantees.

• Buying from a private seller can result in a better price but do not forget to check out the car with your trusted mechanic because there is no guarantee.

• If the car is in Mexico, check the Blue Book (or Metric Guide), as it will provide an estimate of the price of the car considering the model, year and version.

• You can check: http://www.guialibroazul.com/guia/

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Documentation that covers the transaction

• Make sure that there is original invoice and all documents to the current payment of fees as required by local law.

• Consider verifying Registration Number or plates to the vehicle department to verify the legal status of the vehicle. It may have outstanding violations or fines.

• Require signing a contract of sale specifying the general and special conditions of the transaction and do not sign without reading the document.

• Attach a copy of identifications of both the seller and buyer of the contract of sale.

• Check whether the car is insured and remember to insure it immediately once you have made the purchase.

Keep a copy of the vendor ID.

6 invoice

Payment of the transaction

• Avoid risk of identity theft.

• Do not send personal scanned documents online

• Ensure reviewing original documentation directly

• Be sure to fully and with identity document, identify the person with whom you are making the deal

• Do not go alone to the appoinment place

• Do not agree to meet in an unknown private place, try a bank or public institution.

• Check carefully and fully receiving documentation

Do not carry cash, you should pay by bank transfer after verifying the documents and identity of the seller