About Us – Autoclubamigo.com

Autoclub Amigo was created with the fundamental idea of promoting the creation of purchasing power through the formation of networks of buyer users in front of seller users of goods and related automobile services.
Autoclub Amigo portal consists of four main categories:

This car category has the ability of searching to buy a new or used car or post an ad to sell one.

This services category refers to all entities related to the overall services to the automobile. Examples of these services are:
Engine tuning
Car wash
Tire repair
Brake repair
Electrical workshops
Legal consultants
Car rental
Among others…

This insurance category includes different insurance coverage plans for the automobile as property damage and third party liability. It has a variety of insurance companies and agents where users can find the best options.

This AutoMobileWorld category is for all the accessories and parts for cars, from small components to engines or transmissions.